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Emmerdale questions we need answered ahead of stunt week — Chloe’s dad to death twist


TV writer Olivia Wheeler looks at all the questions we need answered this super soap week on Emmerdale after recent filming pictures teased a potential death

Emmerdale pulls out all the stops every October to deliver nail-biting storylines and stunts set across super soap week.

The most recent super stunt week included the deadly 50th anniversary storm, where several villagers lost their lives, while 2021’s theme saw a survival adventure challenge go terribly wrong thanks to murderer Meena Jutla, who is now in prison after murdering a slew of villagers.

While details remain under wraps for 2023, Charity Dingle star Emma Atkins has confirmed that her character will be at the “centre” of it, alongside Mackenzie Boyd, played by Lawrence Robb, and Chloe Harris, played by Jessie Elland. This was also teased in recent filming photos, where Chloe looks set to die as she’s involved in a horrifying car crash.

Chloe has had a tough few months after falling pregnant following a one night stand with Mackenzie, who was in a relationship with Charity at the time. As a result, baby Reuben arrived, with Charity horrified when she learned the truth that it was Mack’s child as she had taken Chloe in and looked after her throughout the pregnancy.

Charity Dingle, Mackenzie Boyd and Chloe Harris have been in a love triangle for months ( Image: ITV)

There is still a big love triangle between the three, with matters only made worse when Mack and Charity, who got married earlier this year without Charity knowing about the secret baby, slept together the day before Reuben’s christening. Mack seemed to want to get back with Charity before later changing his mind and making a go of things with Chloe.

From the pictures, a car that’s being driven by Chloe plunges off a cliff and to the ravine below. It looks like she might not survive the crash, as the car spins and hurtles down the side of the cliff before landing in the undergrowth. With the car at the bottom of the ravine, Mack and Charity cling onto each other at the top, blood over their faces – but what happens to Chloe? Will she die, or can she actually survive a crash like this?

It’s yet to be revealed what happens and whether Chloe does die but it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. Here, we take a look at all the questions we need answering this super soap week…

Chloe’s mystery dad

Viewers will remember that Chloe ran away from her controlling and criminal father Damon, who is yet to be seen on the ITV soap and is currently in prison. It was later revealed that Kerry Wyatt is Chloe’s real mum and her biological dad is a man named Tony, who is also the father of her other daughter Amy Wyatt.

Kerry has no contact with Tony, and he has no idea Chloe exists. Viewers are now convinced that the dramatic upcoming car crash storyline could lead to Chloe’s dad getting revenge and his identity will finally be revealed – with many fans thinking it could be newcomer and gangster Harry. Will this October finally see Chloe dad’s identity revealed and perhaps an appearance in the village?

Death twist

Many soap watchers are speculating that Chloe will die from the horrifying car crash. However, eagle-eyed fans may notice that in one photo taken at the bottom of the cliff, a stretcher is being brought over to the car by the paramedic – but does that mean she’s alive, and could she actually live to tell the tale? Whether Chloe dies or survives remains a mystery but hopefully any loose ends will be tied up before the week is out.

Another dead body

With all the focus on Chloe, Charity and Mack, viewers think there could be another death this October and it won’t be Chloe. Only recently, Lydia Dingle was raped by Craig Reed in their work office. The two had recently reunited after decades apart as they had grown up in the same children’s home, where Lydia fell pregnant aged 15, but tragically the baby, Toby, was stillborn and she buried him in a woodland.

During their reunion, Lydia explained everything to Craig and all about her fleeing, to which they shared a moment. As the pair got closer, Craig confessed his feelings to Lydia who was horrified and soon told him nothing could happen, and that she loved her husband Sam Dingle. However, Craig cruelly ignored this and raped her, despite her telling him she did not want to sleep with him.

Lydia Dingle was raped by Craig Reed in their work office ( Image: ITV)c

Soap watchers will recall that Lydia has been in turmoil and has not told anyone about her rape ordeal, even struggling to report it to the police. Meanwhile, Craig has denied raping her and instead claimed it was consensual. In recent scenes, Lydia has been struggling especially as Craig keeps showing up and getting involved with her family.

Viewers now think that Lydia could kill Craig in upcoming scenes or someone close to Lydia could kill him in revenge. Will we get answers this October of Craig’s downfall and justice for Lydia?

Love triangle outcome

Soap watchers have seen the love triangle between Chloe, Charity and Mack play out for months but will Mack finally make a decision this October? And whoever is jilted, if they survive, move on from the heartbreak?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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