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Emmerdale star issues warning to fans as he battles severe allergy in new storyline


With allergic reactions still causing fatalities, Emmerdale star Joe Warren-Plant, who’s set to feature in a powerful storyline, spoke to Lorraine about EpiPens

Later tonight, Emmerdale star, Joe Warren-Plant, who plays Jacob Gallagher, will showcase his acting skills, when his character goes into anaphylactic shock after consuming nuts.

Believing his role as an actor stretches beyond delivering an exemplary performance to spreading awareness, the 21-year-old appeared on Lorraine to discuss how to deal with an allergic reaction.

Powerful scenes show a group of individuals panicking as they try and figure out a way to save Jacob, whose health is deteriorating at a rapid rate.

Determined to deliver a striking performance, Warren-Plant said: “It was one of those scenes that when I looked at in the script, I was really anticipating it and building up ideas of how it might look. But I knew I had to do it justice and try my hardest with it as it impacts so many people.”

Joe Warren-Plant’s moving scenes will air tonight

He continued: “For those who live with this condition, they’re living in constant fear, as do their families.”

The 21-year-old, who’s been on our screens since he was just 8, then delivered a piece of advice that could play a pivotal role in keeping you alive.

The actor stressed: “You’ve got to have two EpiPens for sure. One could be expired, the other could malfunction, so you’ve always got to make sure you have two with you at all times.”

Emmerdale star, Joe Warren-Plant, gave very important advice

When suffering from an allergic reaction, people often have to deal with their face swelling up, which was portrayed in the soap.

He explained how the scene was filmed and said it took around 45 minutes to do – but said when he wrapped up he was shocked to look in the mirror because he “looked like a zombie”.

While the standard of his delivery means a great deal to him, Warren-Plant believes that bringing attention to allergic reactions is equally as paramount.

He beamed: “It’s what we do it for, to raise awareness and get people talking. If we just help one person, then we’ve done our job. It’s really important.”

Dr Hilary Robert Jones MBE educated the public on how to deal with allergic reactions

Following the soap star’s interview, Dr Hilary Robert Jones MBE, spoke to Lorraine about why it’s integral that the public know how to use an EpiPen.

He asserted: “It’s a really good storyline. It’s important we know how to use these adrenaline-auto injector pens. Some people know them as Epi-pens, but there are different types.

“These can save people’s lives.”

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