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Home and Away spoilers: Rose paternity twist, Lyrik torn apart and mysterious arrival


Lyrik are ripped apart when Kirby decides to go solo in upcoming scenes of Home and Awayas Rose tells Xander she wants to find her biological father and Irene’s new housemate raises suspicion for John

The members of Lyrik are in complete shock in Home and Away next week when they learn of Kirby’s meeting with solo-artist manager Forrest Duke.

Kirby reveals she hasn’t been happy in the band for a while and abruptly leaves when faces with a barrage of questions.

As the growing divide continues for Lyrik, Theo feels responsible for Kirby’s decision to go solo.

Remi’s feeble attempts to get her to stay are overshadowed by a delivery from Forrest, tempting Kirby to take up his offer.

When word of Kirby’s solo career offer spreads, Mackenzie supports her while Theo also reaches out.

The group have a meeting after learning about Kirby’s plans to go solo (Image: Channel 5)

Remi initiates a plan to remind Kirby of their humble beginnings, but Kirby confirms she is going solo.

Although Justin is defeated after Kirby’s departure from the band, he meets with Remi and Eden, determined to keep Lyrik going as a trio.

Lashing out, Eden starts tossing Kirby’s clothes into the street before they try to think of a way to move forward without Kirby.

Kirby decides to go solo (Image: Channel 5)

Elsewhere, Rose confesses to Cash that meeting Mali’s mother has made her want to find her biological father.

When Xander uncovers Rose’s objective, he feels betrayed as she’s going against their mother’s wishes.

Trying to reason with her brother, Rose explains that Xander knew his dad while she never did.

Xander insists Rose tell their mother what she’s doing, or he will.

Rose decides she wants to find her biological father (Image: Channel 5)

Rose explains about her search to find her father to Mali and he is highly supportive.

Later, Rose stumbles across an old drama group photo containing a man who could be her dad.

Across the Bay, a social worker named Harper spots the advertisement for Irene’s room for rent.

Harper and Irene seem to quickly bond, but John has a feeling that there’s something untrustworthy about the newcomer.

Harper moves into Irene’s (Image: Channel 5)

Things fall into place when Irene gives Harper the green light and the keys to the house, but behind closed doors, Harper immediately starts acting suspicious.

Convinced she is not to be trusted after observing her apprehension around police officers, John won’t let up about Irene’s new houseguest.

Later, when Cash stops by the coffee cart, John expects Harper to start acting shift around the from the uniformed officer.

However, much to John’s dismay, Cash welcomes her with open arms as they are old colleagues and friends.

Harper sneaks Dana into her room (Image: Channel 5)

In private, Harper reveals she has come to Summer Bay specifically to find him. Cash brings Harper to his place and she reveals that her sister, Dana, is on the run.

Harper explains Dana is wanted by the police after they found drugs in her flat but insists she is innocent and needs Cash’s help to prove it.

Back at Irene’s, the two women enjoy dinner and Harper insists on cleaning up.

But when Irene heads to bed, Harper takes the spare food into her room as Dana climbs through the window.

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